And In My Dream I Chose The Road Less Traveled

By Michael Aaron Gallagher

Your voice is one I have heard in a dream,
Far-off and blurred by my sense of reality,
It drifts toward me for a moment,
Until we make a connection and it falls away,
Backing gently from my grasp.

I listen for the sounds I can make out,
The words you whisper,
Barely noticing the face that brought me joy unlimited.

I remember you in the times I have forgotten,
I try so hard to recreate the perfect picture of you,
Your carefully-careless smile,
The Louis Vuitton heels that gave you an edge over the competition,
Your footsteps, reaching out
as if time and space would not contain you.

But those words, you held back for an occasion
that might have warranted a second glance,
and led us both down a different path.

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Excerpt from Michael Aaron Gallagher’s unpublished book of poetry titled “Firefly.” Copyright © 2003.

The above work is not to be used,  reprinted or broadcast without written permission from the author.