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Jorge Imana Garron

“Girl with Bird” (oil on canvas) by Jorge Imana Garron. Celebrated as one of the Masters of Bolivian Art of the 20th Century, Jorge Imana Garron’s extraordinary work was painted in 1965 and was exhibited at the 12th Annual San Diego. County Fiesta Art Exhibition.

Michael Aaron Gallagher is an international art collector who owns more than 100 original oil paintings and sculptures. His private collection features post-modern art, impressionism, 19th Century landscapes, contemporary female portraits, Pop Surrealism, 20th Century sculptures and Latin art.

The diverse collection includes works by artists from Great Britain, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Belize, Zambia, China, and the United States. Several of the paintings have been displayed in prestigious locales, including the Royal Gallery in Montreal, The Pastel Society’s Annual Exhibition in Great Britain, the San Diego County Fiesta Art Exhibition and fine art galleries.

Art connoisseurs and celebrities have admired other works by the artists presented in his collection and their paintings have been showcased on the walls of fine art galleries, esteemed auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s, national embassies and museums around the world.

Antique impressionist oil painting of Venice.

Antique impressionist oil painting of Venice.

With its unique blend of sophistication and je ne sais quoi, The Michael Aaron Gallagher Collection continues to awe and inspire.

In addition to the works on display, he is also passionate about rescuing antique paintings that have been damaged or are no longer wanted by their owners, and has several works that need an art restorer to fix small tears in the canvas or minor paint loss. His goal is to one day restore them to their original condition and to preserve their history so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Cubism sketch by Juan Cruz

A vibrant example of cubism, this original sketch by artist Juan Cruz, who is known as the “Puerto Rican Picasso” was acquired from the artist at his studio.

With a lifelong appreciation for fine art, some of the art museums Michael Aaron Gallagher has visited include, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), The Barnes Foundation (Philadelphia), Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia), Rodin Museum (Philadelphia), The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester), and The Everson Museum (Syracuse).