Art Photography by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Time Travel by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Time Travel” (2018), Upstate New York by Michael Aaron Gallagher. An unstaged, 4” x 4” photograph, taken by the side of the road with an iPhone 8.

Michael Aaron Gallagher focuses on the intersection of time and beauty in his work. He often deliberately includes lens flare and glare from a natural light source to add drama and action to a scene. His portraits and candid shots of people are framed against a black backdrop, whenever possible. With a passion for movies, he views his work as a single movie still with a story behind it that is as fascinating as the photograph itself.

Below are a few examples of Michael’s work. More pictures will be added if they are printed and framed.

Red Rock State Park Sedona Arizona by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Sedona” (2019) by Michael Aaron Gallagher. Taken at Red Rock State Park in Arizona on Oct. 18, 2019, this 11” x 14” photograph is one of Michael’s favorite landscape images, showing the House of Apache Fire on the far left, a Hopi pueblo style house built in 1947.

Star Wars StormTrooper photograph by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Star Wars Edge” (2021) by Michael Aaron Gallagher. The 11” x 14” photograph was taken on June 27, 2021. Three different StormTroopers were used to create this toy photography scene. Front and center, is a 6” unbranded StormTrooper action figure with binoculars, imported from China. On the right, is a 6” Disney/Hasbro First Order StormTrooper. In the background, is a 3.5” Star Wars The Power of The Force Storm Trooper by Kenner. The smoke effect was created with a smoke ball from TNT Fireworks. The cave was created using the foundation of a demolished garage, a piece of broken concrete with wire mesh set at an angle, a piece of rotting bark under their feet and a rock.

Truck by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Truck” (2010) by Michael Aaron Gallagher. An 8” x 10” photograph taken at The River’s End Bookstore in Oswego, NY on the day Michael interviewed NY Times Bestselling Author Laurie Halse Anderson.

Mission San Xavier del Bac Chapel Sonoran Desert Arizona by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Mission San Xavier del Bac Chapel, Sonoran Desert, Arizona” (2019) by Michael Aaron Gallagher. An 8” x 10” photograph taken with an iPhone 8.

South Geddes Street Train Bridge Syracuse New York

“South Geddes Street Train Bridge, Syracuse, New York” (2011) by Photographer Michael Aaron Gallagher. This 8” x 10” photograph was entered in the Westside Through My Eyes Photo Contest that year.

215 Tully Street Syracuse New York

“215 Tully Street, Syracuse, New York” (2011) by photographer Michael Aaron Gallagher. As one of Michael’s favorite photographs he has taken over the years, he reimagined the look of this building covered in graffiti to turn it into a modern art piece. This 8” x 10” digitally manipulated photograph was the second work entered in the Westside Through My Eyes Photo Contest.

Martha’s Vineyard photograph by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“The Third Wheel, Martha’s Vineyard” (2020) by Michael Aaron Gallagher. An 11” x 14” photograph of a couple walking along the shore, while a man with a backpack stumbles along alone.

Mirror Table in Westminster Photograph by Michael Aaron Gallagher

“Mirror Table” (2004), London, England. This 8” x 10” photograph was taken with a disposable camera, as I waited for hours in a lobby in Westminster. I was mesmerized by the reflection of this mirrored table. I thought it was interesting how the trash receptacle appeared to rise up out of the marble column. And the vase had an “as above, so below” vibe. Although I know the photograph only resonates so powerfully with me, it is one of my favorite photographs that I have ever taken.