Michael Aaron Gallagher at magazine fashion show

Michael Aaron Gallagher (left) with Courtney Rae Kasper and Olivia Bitetti at a magazine fashion show event. Photo by Kim C.

In 2004, Michael Aaron Gallagher’s idea for a fashion photo shoot was chosen by Tyra Banks as a semi-finalist for America’s Next Top Model’s Viewer Choice Challenge, something he credits for giving him the courage to pursue his passion for the entertainment industry.

Marie Antoinette Exhibit by Michael Aaron Gallagher

Marie Antoinette Exhibit at the Everson Museum of Art, featuring dresses worn by celebrities. Photos by Michael Aaron Gallagher.

In 2008, he attended the opening reception for “Marie Antoinette: Styling the 18th Century Superstar” at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York. Inspired by the Sofia Coppola film “Marie Antoinette” starring Kirsten Dunst, the fashion exhibit featured designers like Chanel, Balenciaga, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. Mannequins sported dresses formerly worn by celebrities like Ivonna Trump and Lauren Bacall.

Since then, he has interviewed fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Full House), fashion publicist and MTV star Kelly Cutrone, fashion stylist Louise Roe (Plain Jane), former Victoria’s Secret model and public speaker Kylie Bisutti, and model Mercedes Yvette (America’s Next Top Model).
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