Igor Talwinski Paintings

“Ballerina in Repose.” Oil painting by Igor Talwinski

“Ballerina in Repose.” Oil painting by Igor Talwinski

Within The Michael Aaron Gallagher Collection, the Igor Talwinski Exhibit features five of the artist’s finest works.

Born in Poland in 1907, Igor Talwinski emigrated to France after the end of World War II. It was in Paris, where his art began to recieve great notoriety.

For decades, Talwinski produced stunning portraits that were sold in prestigious auction houses and galleries, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s. As one of the most beautiful models in contemporary art, his niece was the subject of many of his paintings.

In the 1970s, Igor Talwinski received the distinguished honors of the Silver Medal of Paris and the diploma of “Vermeil.” By the time of his death, in 1983, his work had become highly coveted by collectors of fine art around the world.

Although Talwinski painted a variety of subjects, including a modern still life of flowers in a vase, some of his most extraordinary paintings were portraits of a ballerina (his niece) in repose. Talwinski’s ballerina paintings continue to be Michael’s favorite examples from the dance genre on the art market today.

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