Doug Wilkins Photography

Girl drinking a Pepsi by photographer Doug Wilkins

“Girl Drinking a Pepsi” by photographer Doug Wilkins, from a photo shoot for a 1960’s Pepsi Cola advertising campaign.

The Michael Aaron Gallagher Fine Art Collection features eight photographs by fashion photographer Doug Wilkins (1933-2019). Known for his commercial work for brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Gillette and the Jordan Marsh Department Store in New England, Wilkins also photographed film and television stars, including Brigitte Bardot.

Michael was first drawn to Doug Wilkins’ work, when he came across a 1960s print of a department store advertisement featuring a blonde model wearing a vintage bra. The photograph is a cropped version of a larger picture, which he would also like to acquire someday. After the auction ended, he discovered that another of Wilkin’s photographs did not receive any bids and went unsold. Michael made a separate offer to acquire that photograph as well, which featured a girl drinking a Pepsi, from an advertising photo shoot for Pepsi Cola. He later acquired additional photos taken of television and film actress Leslie Bevis.

Actress Leslie Bevis by photographer Doug Wilkins

Limited edition (1 of 60) 35mm composite from January 1985 of actress Leslie Bevis by photographer Doug Wilkins.

Unfortunately, Michael did not have a chance to meet the photographer, since he discovered his work following his death in 2019. Although Wilkins is not considered a famous American photographer, Michael enjoys adding examples of his work to the collection and sharing his photography with the world.

Lollipop by photographer Doug Wilkins

In this portrait of a model with a lollipop, photographer Doug Wilkins demonstrates his exceptional eye for capturing the perfect moment on film that draws the viewer in, while also conveying the personality of his subject.

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