Journalist Reviews:

“Michael works tirelessly to promote both new and returning series on FX, and for that we are extremely grateful. He is flexible, reliable and a true professional in his field and knows just the right questions to ask to leave talent feeling appreciated. He is a pleasure to work with and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.”

– Kristy Silvernail, Media Relations Manager

FX Television Networks

“Michael is a smart, perceptive and skilled editor/writer. As the Managing Director of SYRFILMFEST (Syracuse International Film Festival), I count on Michael for creative and unique coverage of our various programs and events. Michael is not only a wonderful person to work with, but in the three years I have known him, he has never let me down.”

– KC Duggan, Managing Director

Syracuse International Film Festival

“Michael interviewed me a while back for [StayFamous.Net]. I found him to be polite, fair, flexible, and incredibly well-prepared for the interview. Michael is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the entertainment industry. I would certainly not hesitate to work with him again in the future.”

– Christine Conradt, TV/Movie Screenwriter

Lifetime Television Network

“Michael interviewed me for the May 2011 issue of Today’s CNY Woman magazine. He took an hour’s worth of ‘ramblings’ and made coherent, intelligent sense of them and then wrote a phenomenal article, which captured the essence of who I am and the core for what Native Circle Touch the Earth Festival stands. It was an honor and pleasure to work with him.”

– Laura Vannah, Owner

Bright Star Productionz

“I had the opportunity to meet Michael when contacted by him as a reporter of Today’s CNY Woman (magazine)… He was very professional, personable and thorough, while either interviewing me or gathering information for the article that was published in the March 2011 issue. It would be my pleasure to work with him on another project.”

– Linda Brown-Robinson, President

“In The Event Of…” (Event Planning Company)

“Michael is a fine writer who is a delight to work with – organized, thoughtful and personable.”

– Dr. Sally Wagner, Executive Director

Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation

“Mike made use of research, conducted during an earlier visit to the Biosphere 2 Center, to write this eloquent appeal for restoring biodiversity to the neglected Marsh Biome. He makes effective use of the conventions of white papers to ground his advocacy in a solidly researched, authoritative analysis, featuring crisp organization, effectively chosen visuals, and a document design that is both functional and attractive.”

Dr. Louise Phelps

Syracuse University

“Immediate points for throwing conventional essay writing out the window. Or, rather, out the environmentally controlled doors. The Biospehere 2 staff could use someone like Gallagher on staff. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll need to grow shellfish on the moon.”

– Randall Monty, Editor

Intertext Vol. 10

Acting Reviews:

“Michael was a pleasure to have on set – on time, attentive, able to follow instructions easily, combined with the ability to quickly learn on-the-spot, knife-fight choreography… Truly an asset to any movie production!”

– Ron Bonk, Director

“Ms. Cannibal Holocaust” (SRS Cinema Productions)

“Michael is a director’s dream. He’s not afraid to push the limits, nor try ’till we get the take! He’s early, he stays late and dives in head first. Actors like Michael add true professionalism to the art.”

Jonathan Straiton, Director

“The Two Plates” (Maverick Entertainment)

Marketing Reviews:

“I work with Michael on various different projects here at ‘Today’s CNY Woman’ [magazine] and Scotsman Media Group. On all of them Michael has been a huge asset, always innovative on projects and helpful. He turns things around at great speed with very little explanation needed, which is key to my success as an account manager. Michael also does much of our website and social media content and is always keeping it fresh and up to date. All around a great colleague to have working with me.”

– Jennifer Hendrix, Account Manager

Scotsman Media Group

“Michael’s work ethic and conscientiousness are the first and most obvious traits I have noticed. He completes tasks and assignments on time and with great attention to detail… Even though Michael has not set out to be a ‘leader’ within our office, he has become so because of his high moral character and great human relation skills with both customers and co-workers. He has gained great respect from all of the company’s employees.”

– Robert S. Welcher, Vice President of Operations

BDS, Incorporated

“I was very impressed with Michael’s work ethic as well as his capability to quickly assimilate information and then, to apply that information to practical issues. Michael is a very creative and self-driven person. He developed an outstanding presentation on a product he and his team were marketing in an overseas environment. The presentation was creative, clear and concise… and raised the interest of the audience to want to further investigate the product.”

Joseph V. Ostuni, (Adjunct Professor at Columbia College)

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Media Reviews:

“Cloak Productions had the pleasure to use Michael on a Live outside broadcast… held over a three day period on location in Cardiff, Wales… We were delighted to have Michael with us. His willingness to take on any task allotted to him and his desire to work as part of the team in this supportive role was evident from the start… his attitude in the highly pressurized environment of a live television broadcast remained positive throughout and he provided a valuable contribution to the project. We would gladly have him with us again.”

– Graeme Spencer, Producer

Cloak Productions