Eva Mosonyi Paintings

Oil painting by Eva Mosonyi.

Oil painting by Hungarian artist Eva Mosonyi.

For Michael Aaron Gallagher, discovering a beautiful work of art and researching the artist who created it became an exciting adventure when he chanced upon an impasto oil painting by an unknown artist in an art auction.

The piece was so different from the rest of his collection, yet there was something impressive about its composition that drew him back to it again and again. He wondered whether it was a portrait of a mother and son or perhaps a brother and sister. There appeared to be a strong family bond between the subjects and the relaxing and muted color palette enhanced its overall appeal.

Great art speaks for itself. And in the case of this painting, it didn’t matter who the artist was – it was spectacular.

Once he acquired the piece, Michael went to work researching the few details he knew. Knowing that the painting had come from Canada, he began looking at artists whose works were in art galleries in Montreal. Soon he discovered paintings that were unmistakably by the same artist, and before long, he was learning about the internationally acclaimed Hungarian painter Eva N. Mosonyi.

Born in Hungary in 1935, Eva Mosonyi eventually left Budapest and moved to Montreal. Having studied art at both the Budapest Fine Arts Academy and the Montreal School of Fine Arts, she skillfully conveyed mood and emotion through her art. The palette knife techniques she used were masterfully applied to canvas, creating a three-dimensional texture to her pictures. For an artist’s portfolio whose desirability will only increase with maturity, her work is bound to be appreciated by art collectors for decades to come.

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