When I Close My Eyes

By Michael Aaron Gallagher

When I close my eyes,
I almost see your face,
You’re gone but all the pictures still remain,
Your smile and the comfort of your warm embrace,
are now such distant memories.

When I close my eyes,
I almost hear you laugh,
You’re gone but my dreams still take me back,
Your voice drifting on a lonely path,
like a movie I watch,
as it slowly fades to black.

When I close my eyes,
I miss you every night,
You’re gone but I still hope that you’re all right,
I whisper to the stars with all my might,
Wherever you may be,
I love you and goodnight.

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Michael Aaron Gallagher’s unpublished Facebook poem. Copyright © 2011.

The above work is not to be used,  reprinted or broadcast without written permission from the author.