If You Knew I Knew

By Michael Aaron Gallagher

I’ll avoid your gaze and pretend like you’re not there,
and hope that you don’t notice when I stare.
I’ll mumble something when you ask me why,
I wish that you were with me all the time.

If you knew I knew you’d know it’s you,
then maybe I would’ve told you the truth,
but somehow I thought I could get away,
with playing like I don’t play these charades.

If everyone has someone meant for them,
then how long do I wait for this to mend?
And how long do I hope that you will see,
that he could never be as good as me.

But maybe you’re content to live a lie,
and maybe you just don’t want me to try,
because somewhere deep inside your heart you’re scared,
that in another life you’re unprepared.

So I will wait right here for you to leave,
I’ll wait until I know that you believe,
and when you’re ready you can let me know,
just hold on tight and never let me go.

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Michael Aaron Gallagher’s unpublished Facebook poem. Copyright © 2011.

The above work is not to be used,  reprinted or broadcast without written permission from the author.